Ensure you use the easiest way to use CLIPSTIC by watching the video below.

After just a few times, you'll know exactly how to use CLIPSTIC as fast as 10 seconds.


Tips & Tricks with CLIPSTIC

  • Fold the strap over the front of the CLIPSTIC like you've received it and buckle through the strap to create a compact package for in your pocket. This also keeps some tension on the clamp, ensuring a long lifetime!
  • If you've used CLIPSTIC many times and the strap has kept it's shape a bit too much, submerge the strap only into water just below boiling temp. and it will relax to it's original shape
  • During long time storage it is best to keep the poles outside of the CLIPSTIC clamp, so this  stays in optimal condition of gripping the poles firmly during travel and walking


  • Designed and engineered in Switzerland and The Netherlands
  • Produced in China and The Netherlands
  • Assembled in The Netherlands