What kind of ski accessory is CLIPSTIC?

CLIPSTIC is a revolutionary ski carrying strap designed to securely fasten your skis and poles together for easy transport and convenience. It's a must-have tool for skiers of all levels who want to travel easy, often or far distances with their gear. It works much like a ski bag, but its designed incredibly compact so this ski gadget easily fits inside your pocket! 

How does a CLIPSTIC Ski Carrier work?

This is how to carry your skis and poles with CLIPSTIC: The skis are strapped together, and the poles are clipped inside CLIPSTIC. After a few practices it only takes 10 seconds to strap everything together safely, so while you're waiting for your friends and family to get ready - your gear is ready to go.

Do my skis and skipoles work with CLIPSTIC?

Yes, CLIPSTIC can accommodate all ski and pole sizes. It's designed to be universal for wide and narrow skis, and the supplied inserts make thin poles fit perfectly too, so any narrow and thick skipoles fit in the range of CLIPSTIC.

Can CLIPSTIC be used for other purposes beyond skiing?

While it's primarily designed for skiing, CLIPSTIC can be adapted for various outdoor activities where you need to secure poles, such as hiking.

You can attach CLIPSTIC on your shoulder strap or on the back of your backpack and use it in summer too when hiking through the mountains. This upgrades any regular backpack to one where you can attach your touring poles to!

The flexible strap can be a great problem solver when you need to tie some parts together!

Is CLIPSTIC durable?

CLIPSTIC is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability. This has been a process of testing existing and making new material compounds in order to create the best material in functionality and durability.

We've provided tips and tricks in the startup guide to make CLIPSTIC last for seasons.


Can I track my order?

We work with 17TRACK, a great tracking service that gives detailed info regarding your order and updates you by email on important updates. This way you'll always know where your order is.

Find our tracking page here

I've made a mistake on my shipping address/ adjust order, what now?

Orders are shipped everyday. If you've made an error in the shipping information, please email the correct details to support@clipstic.eu so we can edit your info. This is possible until the orders are shipped.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship internationally.

The list of locations we are unable to ship to are: China, Russia

What if my package arrives damaged?

Send some photo's to support@clipstic.eu and we will take care of it right away! If anything arrives broken or damaged you receive a new product or a refund.

What if my package doesn't arrive?

All orders are shipped with tracking. If your order gets lost, you will receive a refund.

What's the return policy for CLIPSTIC?

Unused products are possible to return within 30 days after receiving it! 

What does shipping cost?

Worldwide Shipping is free above $80, unless written otherwise on specific products/bundles. If you place an order under $80, we offer very economical shipping fees.

I have a different question, how can I contact you?

Please send us an email @ support@clipstic.eu