CLIPSTIC was founded in 2021 by a passionate ski racer and ski instructor who faced the constant hassle of transporting gear efficiently during frequent slalom training trips. This inspired the creation of CLIPSTIC, with a mission to redefine how people move and store their ski gear.

- mottainai - もったいない -

We believe in challenging old habits and embracing the concept of "mottainai" – taking care of our belongings to maximize their lifetime. Our innovative approach not only offers extra freedom but also maximizes the lifespan of your ski gear by protecting the edges that are essential for a joyful and safe skiing experience.ㅤ
We empower you to redefine your comfort and fully immerse yourself in your skiing holiday. Our product symbolizes the freedom we all seek during our favorite holiday.

redefine the ordinary

be the first to know: we'll continue researching and developing inventive ways to improve your skiing experience