Do you love to hit the slopes and are you looking for product that make it more relaxed? Don't let discomfort put a damper on your fun! Check out these must-have products that will make your skiing adventure more comfortable and enjoyable.

Get mobile with CLIPSTIC

You'll fully enjoy your holiday when you're not lugging your gear around, all the time. This new gadget CLIPSTIC straps skis and poles together lightning fast, allowing you to have a hand free whenever you need. They also help to transport skigear neatly without everything cluttering together. Great for any gadget lover, skidad & family! www.clipstic.com


Protect Your Eyes, And See In Cloudy Weather

Photochromic ski goggles have been around for 10 years already, but they are more common now and made by big brands. These lenses adapt to the brightness of the sun and allow you to have a good tint when its sunny. When its cloudy, less light will result in less tint. This way you have way better vision than skiing with a sunny weather lens on a cloudy day. This makes a huge difference! So invest in a nice goggle with interchangeable lenses or a photochromic lens! Snow glare can be a real pain, literally. 

Ski goggles are categorized in 5 categories:

  • Category 0, Weather conditions: heavy snowfall, heavy cloud cover, Light transmittance: 80-100%, Lens color: clear or yellow
  • Category 1, Weather conditions: snowfall, cloudy, fog, Light transmittance: 43-80%, Lens color: Light yellow or orange
  • Category 2, Weather conditions: Slightly cloudy, shadow, Light transmittance: 18-43%, Lens color: Orange or red
  • Category 3, Weather conditions: Sunny, Light transmittance: 8-18%,Lens Color: Pink or Amber
  • Category 4, Weather conditions: Bright sun, Light transmittance: 3-8%, Lens color: Brown or black

 The best thing about photochromic lenses is that they are active in 3 categories: 1-3 or 2-4. This offers a very wide range, giving you great visibility even when the weather changes!


2024 Ski Socks Trend

There's nothing worse than cold, wet feet ruining your day on the mountain. Invest in a pair of high-quality ski socks to keep your tootsies warm and dry. Your feet will thank you! More and more popular are compression socks. These have a few improvements over classic ski socks. They are really thin, resulting in a good fit inside skiboots. The compression results in improved bloodflow which helps with cold feet! One popular brand from Europe is called STOX and is our personal favourite!  

  • Ski socks with compression enhance blood circulation, delivering more oxygen-rich blood to your muscles, which helps alleviate muscle fatigue.*
  • Support for calf muscles: specifically designed ski socks provide extra support to the calf muscles, reducing the likelihood of calf pain.*
  • Prevention of friction: high-quality ski socks reduce friction and prevent blisters, allowing for a more comfortable skiing experience without discomfort.*
  • The graduated pressure in ski socks combats cold feet by improving blood circulation. The graduated pressure assists in opening blood vessels, enabling better blood flow to the feet.*
*From STOX

Stay Hydrated in Style

Don't forget to stay hydrated while you're shredding the slopes. Invest in a stylish and functional water bottle that you can easily clip onto your backpack or belt. Plus, you'll look super cool sipping on that H2O. The SALOMON Soft Reservoir 1,5L can fit in most backpacks and allows you to hydrate throughout the day without having to open your backpack! 


Cozy Up in the Lodge

After a long day of skiing, nothing beats cozying up by the fire in the lodge. Pack a plush, packable blanket that you can easily throw in your backpack. You'll be the envy of all your friends as you snuggle up in style.

With these comfy and cozy products in tow, your skiing holiday is sure to be a blast. So grab your gear, hit the slopes, and get ready for the ultimate skiing adventure!


The Thing You'll Always Forget

Your gloves are expensive and need proper care. This means that they need some hydration at least once a season. But if you can find the time its best to do this after every week of skiing. Two of the best products are the Hestra Leather Balm and Nikwax Waterproofing Wax. Both can be bought worldwide, so best to grab it somewhere local!


Stay Warm out on the Slopes

As you glide down the snowy slopes, ensure your neck stays protected from the biting cold with a premium merino wool neck warmer. The well known stiff shoulders are a result of being cold. Crafted for both comfort and performance, merino wool offers natural insulation and moisture-wicking properties, keeping you warm and dry throughout your skiing adventures. Embrace the softness and durability of merino wool as it gently wraps around your neck, providing a cozy barrier against the elements. With its lightweight and breathable design, a merino wool neck warmer allows you to move with ease and agility, enhancing your skiing experience with unmatched comfort and warmth.

Transform your ski experience