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When I went to a ski resort with my child, it was heartbreaking to see my 2nd grade child taking care of his skis and poles by himself.

So, at first, I bought something like the following from Ali and used it. I held the pole in my hand, fixed the skis, and carried them on my shoulder.

But it was really cumbersome... I don't know if it was a long distance... but if I was traveling a short distance, I had to tie it in two places and then untie it.

It's bulky so it's hard to put in your pocket .

So, I searched again... After a while, Instagram kept recommending the products below... haha.

We're already halfway there... I've already forgotten about the price, thinking that the Netherlands would be better than China.

There is also a discount if you buy 3 pieces. There are three people in my, so I placed an order.

I tested it at home and used it at the ski resort today. It's really comfortable. definitely one hand

Being free also helps with safety aspects. To get to the slopes from the welly locker, you have to take an escalator.

With one hand free, you can hold the handle safely. The door is easy to open too!

My family has both thin poles (Bacek Carbon) and thick poles (Atomic Junior), but thin poles are included in the basic items.

This can be resolved with an additional option. If you simply connect options and supplies with something like a rubber band, there is no risk of losing them.

They say it’s comfortable for the kids and wife! I like it too.

Although the price is expensive...I am satisfied! ^^

For a safe ski season! Self-rationalization.. haha

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